August 16, 1977

SYNOPSIS August 16, 1977 was a day that changed the music world forever – when young American Rock & Roll Super Star Elvis Presley was discovered dead at his Graceland Mansion in Memphis, TN.

The Danser

SYNOPSIS A young Norwegian Danser is driven by her father’s love for the ballerina.


SYNOPSIS A young German officer is driven by the need to live up to the standards of his Father, a high-ranking Nazi official.

Night Witches

SYNOPSIS In 1942 the Soviet Union formed three regiments of female combat pilots who flew night combat missions of harassment bombing.

I Have Sinned

SYNOPSIS In the mid to late 1980's many multi-million dollar TV Ministries and Evangelist fell from grace as a result of their greed and lust.


SYNOPSIS: Released in 2007 Protecting The King is a film about the youngest bodyguard in Rock & Roll History.

Restoring My Father’s Honor

Master Sgt. William (Bill) J. Stanley had only known victory in his 17 years of military service.

Growing Up Graceland

SYNOPSIS In the fall of 1960, on the eve of Elvis Presley’s return from the U.