Impello Entertainment, Inc., is an independent film and entertainment company driven by a passion and purpose to create, develop and produce intellectual properties based principles of honor, courage, integrity and personal triumph.

Our focus is an creating and producing compelling stories told through the mediums of film, television, and published works for distribution in the world wide marketplace – products that engage the public with there ability too inspire, inform and entertain.

Impello Entertainments vision is to produce powerful and successful stories with timeless themes and meaningful implications that are both practical and commercially successful for investors and production partners.




unspecified-7David E. Stanley – Founder & CEO

David E. Stanley was first exposed to the world of entertainment as a young boy growing up on the backlots and sound stages of MGM, Paramount and Warner Brothers watching his world famous stepbrother Elvis Presley makes movies.

He began his career in the entertainment business in 1972 at the age of 16 when he begin working for Elvis as a personal aide and liaison.

From 1972 to 1977 David worked hundreds of concerts with the king of rock & roll where quickly learned to navigate the infrastructure of the entertainment business. Through out these years he gain critical business experience by being part of some of the most historical concert & entertainment events of the 20th century.

Today, David is a writer, producer, director and founder of Impello Entertainment, Inc. His published works the New York Times’ bestseller, Elvis We Love You Tender, the Elvis Encyclopedia and Raised on Rock, Conversations With The King ~ Journals of a Young Apprentice, Restoring My Father’s Honor, and his most recent My Brother Elvis. David also wrote, produced and directed the film Protecting The King.

Nikki Edwards – Director of Impello Publishing

Writer Nikki Edwards knows that words are a powerful tool used to create exciting, engaging and informative stories for Impello Entertainment’s publishing division and its clients.  For over 10 years, Ms. Edwards’ passion for writing has helped authors and companies realize measurable growth and ROI within their publishing and marketing initiatives.

Nikki has successfully ghostwritten and/or edited over 60+ projects, including 6 #1 Amazon Best Sellers, and brings a high level of marketing expertise in connecting Impello Entertainment’s intellectual properties to the global audience.