Rarely do individuals have the opportunity to provide a perspective of an iconic figure that entertained the world and set the future for many famed entertainers to follow. David E. Stanley was born into such opportunity. He is the stepbrother of Elvis Presley, arguably the greatest entertainer ever. For 17 years David lived with and eventually worked for his world famous stepbrother and provides an insight on the king that only a brother can share. While the Elvis Presley Estate owns the commercial Elvis, Producer David E. Stanley holds the rights the personal Elvis. No one has David’s perspective nor can it be encroached upon.

As John Lennon of The Beatles fame said, “Before Elvis, there was nothing.” Many musicians and entertainers drew inspiration from the success of Elvis. It is estimated that Elvis Presley has sold over one billion record units worldwide, more than anyone in record industry history with over 150 different albums. He starred in 33 feature length films. He did countless television and concert appearances. The curiosity about Elvis continues to abound as over 500 fan clubs in 49 countries exist today.

This passed August 75,000 people from all around the world stood in front Elvis home (Graceland) to commemorate the 35th anniversary of his passing. Since Elvis’s death, David has written numerous of books and has been interviewed hundreds of times about the life and times of his legendary stepbrother.

Impello Entertainment has been formed to develop the entertainment intellectual property (I.P.) opportunity represented by David’s unique perspective of Elvis and leverage the works that David has already produced into a broad range of media and entertainment opportunities.

In addition to David’s valuable and highly marketable Elvis I.P. David carries a unique ability to create and develop “great stories”. Impello has several of these great stories under development and will use them to diversify and expand Impello Entertainment’s production library.

For qualified investors, Impello Entertainment, Inc., has a variety of investment opportunities that range from single projects to Impello Entertainment stock.

For additional information or to request a company prospectus please contact David E. Stanley at