Writer, Producer, Director

David E. Stanley was first exposed to the world of entertainment as a young boy growing up on the back lot and sound stages of MGM, Paramount and Warner Brothers watching his world famous stepbrother Elvis Presley make movies. He began his career in the entertainment business in 1972, at the age of 16, when he begin working for Elvis as a personal aide and liaison.

From 1972 to 1977, David worked hundreds of concerts with the king of rock & roll where he quickly learned to navigate the infrastructure of the entertainment business. Throughout these years he gained critical business experience by being part of some of the most historical concert & entertainment events of the 20th century.

With a life story that includes growing up as part of Rock & Roll’s first family in demand Stanley co-wrote his first book entitled Elvis: We Love You Tender in 1980.  In the years that followed David, also authored The Elvis Encyclopedia, Raised On Rock, Conversations With The King, Restoring My Father’s Honor, and his most recent, My Brother Elvis: The Final Years.  In addition to his published works, he has written and produced documentaries and films on a variety of topics for FOX Network, The History Channel and The BBC.

Stanley established Impello Films with the purpose of creating, developing and producing intellectual properties based on the principles of honor, courage, integrity and personal triumph. The company’s first feature film Protecting The King, written, produced and directed by Stanley, was released world wide in 2007.

With over 44 years experience in the entertainment business, David continues to tap into his ability to create stories that create dramatic contrasts, and access a wide range of human emotions.